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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

My Dinner Success

When it was time for dinner tonight I couldn't decide what to do. It was either buck up and find something to cook or go out. Since I am pinching pennies lately I decided there certainly must be something edible in my refridgerator or pantry. I went hunting and actually found a few things in the dark, cavernous places.

I had chicken and that was about it. I had some potatoes and green beans so I knew those would be the sides but I was stumped with what to put on the chicken. A quick search of the internet gave me a VERY easy "ranch chicken" recipe. Here' s the ingredients: chicken, ranch dressing, and ritz cracker crumbs or crouton crumbs (whatever you have was kind of the theme here). Of course I didn't have any ranch in the fridge but I did have caesar. Since I was going with the caesar I thought the croutons sounded like a better option (thanks for the vote of confidence on that one JJ!). The recipe of course told me to marinate over night but I had an hour. Let me tell you, an hour will do the job. The chicked turned out very yummy and is definitely something I will be making in the future. I think the over night marinating would help but it was good nonetheless.

I think I'm becoming domesticated - LOL. Of course DH says one meal does not a housewife make. Oh well.


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