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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Are You With Me?

Ok ladies, I want to see some hands here. Who out there is sick of having people ask when they're going to start a family (or for those of you who have started one, when you're going to have more)? I know you all are so get those hands up. Now, who wants to make snarky, nasty comments in return? Don't feel shy, keep those hands up!

I can't tell you how tiring it is to hear people, day after day, time after time make stupid comments. One of my favorites is still "I can't wait until you get your baby." Like I'm going to head down to the Babies-R-Us and pick one up. I mean, come on people. I think my response has pretty much come to - when people quit asking. I swear I get it everywhere. Even when I come into the office for a few hours the nurses ask when I'm going to get off the pill. It doesn't help that there's a nurse trying right now so she likes to talk about it. If I wanted to talk about it, I would bring it up, not the other way around, thank you very much.

Of course even DH gets tired of this. One woman we know has even started rubbing my stomach, and just so we're totally clear I am NOT pregnant. I slap her hand away but my OMG, why should I have to? What is wrong with people??!! She says she can't wait until I have a baby so she can hold it. DH's response was - I'm sorry, when Brandy gets pregnant we're moving to California. She actually thought he was serious, not the brightest bulb in the box.

I need some responses. I need something not too mean but not too nice either. Anyone out there got any ideas for me here??


Blogger Dawn Marie said...

*raises hand* I thought the same exact thing the first time I heard "I can't wait until you get your baby"! I don't get much of the "when will you start your family" crap, but I think that might have something to do with my age.

12:28 PM  
Blogger Sheri said...

I HATE those questions! I don’t get them much anymore, because practically the whole world knows we have infertility problems. I do still get asked by random people though like a hairstylist or something. If people ask you “When are you going to start your family?” say that you already have a family, your dh. That phrasing of “starting your family” really ticks me off. I DO have a family. It is just as valid as a family with children. Can you tell that is a sore spot with me? ;) Another thing you could say is (while putting a shocked look on your face) say “Oh my! That’s something my therapist doesn’t even know/ or ask!”. Hopefully they will get the picture that it is none of their business. My newest thing is the blunt truth. I say while looking them straight in the eye that we have been battling infertility for years. Shuts them right up! Hope this helped!

5:23 PM  

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