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Monday, October 25, 2004

My car needs a vacation

Yes, you read that right, my car has had a hard couple of days and at this point really deserves some time off. That may sound crazy but by the end of this you will understand.

We’ll start with last night. Now, as my profile states, I live in Indiana. The important part of this story involving Indiana is that we have deer. Deer* are a big deal in the fall. You may wonder why and I will explain. For one, fall here means the dropping of temperatures (which means the deer move in a big way to keep warm). Secondly, and probably even more importantly, it’s also mating season. I think I’m probably raising a lot of questions for many because you’re probably wondering what in the world deer mating season would have to do with me (and now I’m wondering what in the world kind of search engine hits I might get off of this entry, but I digress). My answer to that – A LOT! The reason is when the deer are mating, just as with the dropping temps, they are moving. They tend not to care if there is a road in the direction they are moving or not. They care even less whether or not there is a car on said road. On the way to church last night we saw a car stopped in the middle of the road and a deer on the side of the road. This is generally a good sign to slow down and look for more deer. They run in packs and many times if you miss one you hit the next one(s) pulling up the rear. Just as DH started to slow down one ran out in front of us and we hit the back of it with the driver’s side front of the car. Luckily, and I praise God for this, there was no damage to the car and the deer seemed to run off and be okay. My poor car hit a deer and lived to tell the story. For a truck this is not that unusual but for my Ford Focus, this was a miracle.

That brings me to today. Lunch time rolled around and I thought “hey, time to run to the bank and grab something to eat.” As I was leaving the parking lot I checked behind me, watched my rearview mirror, and still managed to back into somebody. You may be laughing at this point as to how I possibly have a driver’s license but I will defend myself in saying that he was backing up too. My coworker and I backed into each other, idiots that we are. I now have a large 10” dent in the corner of my bumper. It is caved in, as is the corner of his bumper. I was close to tears but he was really nice. He just wanted to make sure I was okay and exchange insurance information. I called DH right away and he too was glad it was just a small accident, no one was hurt, and the car is drivable. His words were “did you at least get him as good as he got you?” I love him for having a sense of humor when I can’t and when I need it. I guess I just don’t understand how my poor car can hit a deer at 40 mph and have no damage and back into somebody going 5 mph and sustain probably $500.00 worth of damage. Oh well, I got him as good as he got me, that’s what counts. **

* I learned something new when it concerns deer and dogs. When we pulled the car into the garage last night and let the dogs in they were more concerned with smelling the car than they were with us playing with them. They probably smelled the front of the car for 15 minutes. Deer must be a very potent smell to a dog, even when having just been grazed by a Focus. So remember this, you wanna distract your puppies give them something with deer smell, they’ll be entertained for hours.

** What do you think of my new fun toys? I love animation so I thought I would include a few for this ever so fun story. Hope you like.


Blogger Katie said...

I live in NC and let me tell you, there are A LOT of deer as well as other wild animals that get in the way of your driving. Ever since we moved into the city, it has gotten so much better but before when we used to live with the in-laws out in the country, it was BAD! There were deer everywhere. Luckily, L and I only came close to hitting them. Our not-so-lucky relatives have damaged several vehicles because of them. So, I understand where you're coming from. Just be extra careful, okay?

As for your new fun toys, I love them. You are so creative! There's always something new going on at your blog.

7:14 PM  
Blogger Dani1978 said...

That is a funny story! Not to make light of it, but at least $500 isn't too much! I just had to take my minivan in because the check engine light came on. No accident, so no insurance, but yes, a $500 bill! Boy, I wish cars had medical insurance! It's like, if your car breaks an arm or leg--no matter who's fault it is, insurance will pay at least a portion of it (minus the deductable), but if your car gets sick--oops, too bad!

By the way--the U.S. must have millions of deer, I see them all the time! I've even heard that the insruance companies have released some wildcats here in Iowa to cut down on the deer population and car accidents! ???

9:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your bank serves food?

2:19 PM  

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