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Friday, October 15, 2004

I think I'm going to change my dog's name to Snoopy

Well, my 8- month old, 62 pound puppy found a way to get even cuter yesterday. He's a lab/australian shepherd mix so he's a big sweetie anyway but he does things everyday that make me laugh.

For one, he's a big weenie. He gets startled so easily and it's too funny to see it because he's so big. You wouldn't think a big dog like him would get scared but he certainly seems to all the time. If I go to my deck door and tap on the glass when his back is turned he'll run off the deck. He high tails it out of their and lives my little Schipperke, Annie, to fend for herself.

He's hilarious when it comes to food too. He's a big pig and he'd probably eat just about anything you'd feed him. He scarfs it down as fast as possible and then waits to see if Annie has any left he can eat. Now, before any of you get mad, he can eat anytime he wants. He constantly has dry food so he never has to go hungry. The dog is just a pig. Anyway, once he's done eating he'll put his paw in the bowl and move it around the deck. Then he'll pick it up and carry it around the yard. He only does this at night but it's every time and I crack up every time I see him scooting his paw around in his dish.

And finally, the event that took place yesterday, he's decided he can sit on top of his dog house. This is a very new thing given that he just got a new, bigger dog house last week. DH put straw in and around the houses and put them right next to each other. DH was outside with Annie and Sammy yesterday, just playing and giving them treats, when he noticed this new development. Sammy now likes to take his treats up on the dog houses. He gets up their and lays and enjoys his treats. I couldn't believe it until I saw him do it myself. He loves it up there, it's his new favorite place to live. I think his name may soon go from "Sammy the whiner" to "Snoopy" (the whiner will still be involved because he's a big whining weenie). I will definitely try to get a picture of this very soon if I can. I want proof that he takes after a cartoon character. :-)


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