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Thursday, October 07, 2004

la weight loss sucks?

Apparently I was listed on a search engine with that search criteria. This is so silly but I love that I was found on a search engine.

la weight loss sucks

Okay, so LA weight loss does suck a little. I didn't say much about them when I talked about my weight loss struggles but I really have to say I would never use them again. They were very expensive for one. It was $7.00 a week (which you paid up front) and then another $20.00 a week for their "nutrition bars". WAY TOO MUCH MONEY! Second, some of the people talked me like I was a child. Before I started lying about my food diary I wrote down everything I ate. If it was my birthday and I had a small piece of birthday cake I wrote it down. My thinking was that it was my birthday and that one small piece wasn't going to kill me. Of course the woman looked at me like I was crazy and that cake was the devil. There was too much of that going on and that was made me start lying about what I ate. It's sad to be a 21-22 woman who feels like she can't tell the truth about her food. That was a major reason I left there.

The next search - gradparents birthday card

Ok, so apparently I spelled grandparents wrong at some point but at least I know I'm not alone. :-)

If I get any searches that are actually neat I will share them. Until then I won't post the boring ones. These were my first though so of course I had to put them out here.


Blogger Kristy said...

I want to know if anyone hits my site through a search engine - how do you tell??

10:42 PM  

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