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Sunday, November 21, 2004

I'm Quitting My Job!!

Yes, you read that right, I am out of here. The University department I work for has really gone downhill. I have talked on here before about a few things but for the most part I’ve tried not to complain too much. Besides the work environment, one big problem that’s not going to change with this job is that even if the management changes the hours won’t and that means no school. I’ve been working on my degree for so long and yet it still feels SO far away.

I’ve had two jobs for a while now (about a year and a half) and definitely haven’t minded. Well, I mean, my schedule does get hectic but the money helps and it’s worth it right now. The 2nd job (medical transcription or MT for short) has tried to get me to come on full-time for a while now but I had really been having a hard time making that decision. Last week I was wavering. I was praying that the Lord would show me the right path. Because I was so unsure I told my boss at the doctor’s office, Mindy, that if they found someone to hire that I would completely understand. They did offer the full-time job to someone and she accepted on Monday. I thought “Okay Lord you’ve shown me this wasn’t the right decision at this point.”

When I talked to Mindy on Monday she told me to keep praying and with all of the additions we were having that something was bound to come up soon. She said they would love to have me but she wanted to make sure that was definitely the position I wanted. I thought that was the end of it for a while and that I would keep praying for the Lord to send the answer when the time was right.

Thursday I got a call at the University. I was surprised to hear from Mindy because normally I only talk to her on the days I work. The first words out of her mouth were “have you been praying A LOT?” I just laughed and said of course I had been. She then proceeded to tell me that one of the women who works from home was afforded an awesome job and had given her two week’s notice. They wanted me to come on full time – at least 26 hours of that at home. I was SHOCKED to say the least. I had been praying for the Lord to hit me over the head to make this decision and He definitely had. Of course I said YES and put my resignation in Thursday afternoon.

I’ll be working for the University for another 6 weeks but that will be half time to use my sick time and not lose it when I leave. The rest of the time I’ll be doing the medical transcription, which will be nice extra money for a few weeks (full time at both – LOL!). There are no words to express how thankful I am that the Lord has lead me in the places He has lead me. I was so scared about walking away from this job (4 years isn’t exactly nothing) but I know He’ll take care of me as long as I keep listening. I’ll keep you updated on the job situation over the next few weeks but hopefully this will give me more free time and more blog time – he he. I’m just so very happy, excited, and I know I am abundantly blessed.


Blogger Dawn Marie said...

*happy dance*

I can't wait to hear all about how things go once you get settled into your new job :D.

8:05 PM  
Blogger Dawn Marie said...

Alright, it's been almost 4 weeks... I need an update, going through withdrawls over here!!!

5:43 PM  

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