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Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Blog, New Purpose

So I'm thinking about starting a new blog. I have no intention of getting rid of this blog, far from it. I'm just thinking about starting a blog for a totally different purpose. I don't talk about it a ton but I am a highly religious person. Along with that I try to dress very modestly, while also trying to be trendy at the same time. I don't wear pants and I don't cut my hair so I have to find good ways to look cute but that fit within those guidelines. It's getting harder and harder to do that and I want to start a blog that highlights great finds from the internet (like the awesome swim skirts I just found!) on a regular basis. Right along with that I would like to leave open the possibility of this growing and becoming something more than a private blog. This is the kind of blog I would share through facebook and with people in IRL, which I don't do with brandysjourney. I might even consider ads and that sort of thing. So here's the question. What platform should I go with? I have been with blogspot so long that I'm familiar with it but I've never done anything with ads and that hinders me. Is wordpress a better way to go?? Please all of you wonderful awesome bloggers out there - point me in the right direction!!


Blogger DD said...

I like wordpress most of the time, but unless you get your own platform (wordpress.org instead of wordpress.com), you can't really do a lot with coding or stat tracking.

My biggest peeve with blogspot is the stupid logging in thing. Wordpress and typepad don't require commenters to have their own account first.

Typepad isn't free, but it's easy to add widgets and code.

And I have to ask (and you would have to guess it'd come from someone like me), what does your hair have to do with religion or vice-versa?

4:44 PM  

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