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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Over and Over Again...

Last year I talked quite a lot about my weight loss journey but then I backed off a little. I got super busy with work and school and everything else in my life so the blog went by the wayside, as did the healthy eating habits. It wasn't a conscious choice. I mean, there were certainly times I thought "oh it's no big deal, just one day, I'll eat right tomorrow", but for the most part, it was more just being busy and being tired and just eating whatever was the most convenient. Sometimes that was M*Donald's or some other fast food place. And other times it was just wanting that yummy, calorie laden f*rappuccino in the morning and not caring just how many calories it was laden with. When I decided I wanted to get healthier last year, I also decided that part of that was getting rid of clothes that no longer fit. In the past when I have lost weight, I kept the clothes around. That made it all the more easy to gain the weight back. I still had clothes that fit so I must be fine right? Last year I knew I didn't want to make that mistake again so as I got smaller the size 18's and size 16's all went out of the house. I started buying 14's and 12's again. I even got to the point where I wouldn't buy anything over a 12 because the 14's were getting very loose too. A few weeks ago the 12's started getting tighter, uncomfortably tighter. That was my wake up call again. Last year in the middle of December I was at the point of having lost 55.9 pounds. That was my lowest in quite a while. When I got on the scale almost three weeks ago I had gained back 29 pounds. Almost 30 FREAKING POUNDS!! I was NOT happy to say the least. I took stock ASAP and realized I had let both my exercise and my healthy eating lifestyle go and that was NOT okay. I immediately started eating the way that I always should, actually planning my meals and my day to be kind to myself. We have started exercising as a family more (a lot more walks in the evenings, that's for sure), as well as I have started doing my own exercise. At this point I am losing the weight I put back on but I'm not considering it down (as my ticker indicates over on the side there), I'm just considering it that much less up. So I am now up only 17.4 pounds and continuing to go down. I'm a great example that what can be lost can be gained again, but it can also be lost again. It's never too late to take care of yourself and do the things you need to do to achieve your goals.


Blogger OHN said...

I am at the 48 lb lost mark. I am so determined not to gain any back. I have boxed up all my 14's and am donating them to a local church. ( I would be happy to send them to you but it sounds like 14 isn't where you want to be) If they are in the house, I will creep back into them when the 10's are "too tight". I need to make it hard on myself .... it sounds like you are doing exactly the right thing.

Don't deny yourself that frappe or whatever it is you "need", but only drink/eat half and it will keep you from going crazy, but still be an amount you can keep in check with moving more.

Be proud of yourself. It is NOT easy to lose and keep it off. If it were, dieting wouldn't be a billion dollar industry!

5:57 AM  

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