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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Um, Nevermind

All it takes is a tragedy to break you out of your fear. I'm not scared anymore, at least not of failure. I have a good friend, actually the son of my pastor, who had a tragedy last night. He, his wife, and son were sleeping when he heard a loud noise. They woke up to their kitchen engulfed in flames. Thankfully she grabbed their son and they got out of the house. His older brother is a firefighter who was called to the scene, worried out of his mind that his family was still inside. Again, thankfully they were already out and safe. They were renting from his grandmother and sadly do not have renter's insurance so today they are going to have to try to start picking up the pieces. I know our church will rally around them and lift them up in every way we can. This could have been so much worse. I am truly thanking God today that they are all okay.

And looking at the future without fear.


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