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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Where to draw the line?

I know I have talked about reducing my Google Reader list before but have failed to make a significant dent. More accurately I've just been ignoring the Reader most of the time lately and my blog reading has gone WAY down (mainly due to a lack of time). For a long time my blog reading focused on people with which I felt some connection, some pull to in a personal way. Sometimes that was because they were people that were also struggling to have a baby or maybe those that had also come through a miscarriage. Other times it was just someone funny that I could enjoy on a bad day.

Lately I have found myself pulled toward couponing blogs and ways to save money, along with people going back to school or who work in the medical field somehow. Right now that's where my life is. We are struggling to pay the bills (like millions of other Americans out there), prioritizing my schooling (thank you G!!), and just trying to raise our babies the best way we know how. When I have two minutes and happen to be reading blogs I usually end up going over the best deals this week or reading about other parents and their struggles.

On the flip side I have found myself having less and less in common with some of the people I used to read regularly. I don't like to name names but one in particular starts with a "D" and ends with "ooce". :-) Okay, so I figured out a couple of weeks ago that I have NOTHING in common with this woman. If you've been around the blog world long you probably know exactly who I'm talking about. If not google her, it will come up. She has reached a level in her life where I can no longer relate to anything she has to say. She started writing about trying to get their new house and included words like "assistant" and "lawyer" within mere sentences of each other. She now owns a 4-story - yes, a FOUR story - home that is absolutely breathtaking but I'm just trying to keep the lights on. I'm not trying to judge, I really do wish her happiness and success, I just think that for now she will be off the blogroll and I will continue clipping my coupons.

Have you ever come to that point? Where it's just time to walk away from a blog you used to read and at least somewhat relate to? What was your line?


Blogger joven said...

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3:05 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

I've found much like you my interests have changed. If a blog starts bringing me down, I move on. I have less trouble doing that from a blog with a big readership though.

8:49 PM  
Blogger Yo-yo Mama said...

I will always read those who I'm friends with on FB even though many times the blips and blurbs from FB keep me pretty caught up.

I stopped reading the big blogs ages ago. Originally it was to get info or to find inspiration. I no longer need to do that. My interst is now in their families and/or lives.

10:02 PM  
Anonymous Safire said...

I also stop reading when I feel like I have no connection with them. Or if I get to 100 + feeds in my reader from them I figure I'm never going to read them and off they go.

6:57 PM  

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