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Monday, August 09, 2010

Date Night

G and I actually went on a date Saturday night - and it was AWESOME!! We haven't been on a date if a LONG time and it was overdue. Luckily G's mom was happy to babysit the kiddo's and we got to have the night to ourselves.

We dropped off Aiden and Livi at 5:00 and headed to Red Lobster. We held hands, ate yummy seafood and laughed. Of course we caught ourselves doing that thing that all couples do when they leave their kids - talk about the kids!! That's okay though, we have two amazing babies. I mean, who wouldn't want to talk about them?? After dinner we headed to the mall because, really, what else do we have to do? G needed a refill for his weed-eater and the clasp on my wallet was breaking so it was time to get something else. I found a cute wallet at Maurice's for only $15.00 and was super happy about that. I also got a few new school supplies at Target. I can't help myself. I love back to school time and get almost giddy when I walk through all the school supplies. I only needed some pencils, index cards, and a planner. Nothing special but it was something fun.

After the mall we headed to a local coffee shop where we had HORRIBLE service but just sat and chatted at an outside table, not being interrupted by having to pick up food or toys or a dropped pacifier. We had one more errand, which we accomplished, and then we had totally uninterrupted "adult time", which was wonderful.

At the end of the night we picked up Aiden and Livi who had the BEST time at their mamaw and papaw's house. They were happy to see us and we were thrilled to see them. Livi went straight to bed, although did sing herself to sleep, which is always fun to listen to through the monitor. Aiden wanted to watch some TV and we set up a dvd for him. He was out before the previews were over. Looking over and seeing him totally asleep with the lights on and G banging still banging around brought a perfect end to a perfect evening. G and I got to lay in bed and fall asleep watching Interview with the Vampire. Saturday was a good night.


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