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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sometimes life really does get in the way...

I'm overwhelmed with sadness right now. Life seems so unfair sometimes. The subject line of this post is actually the last line of a blog post. The last blog post a man would ever write. I don't know this man. He lived in Iowa and was a writer. My only connection is that he commented on G's blog and I read his blog every once in a while. As I sat here working just a few moments ago G sent me an IM saying that the blogger and his wife had died Saturday in a tragic accident. They leave behind two young children whose lives will forever be altered. As I read his last post I was overcome by the weight of his words. I will be hugging my husband a little tighter when he gets home from work and giving my babies extra kisses before bed tonight because we truly don't know what tomorrow holds and all too often, life really does get in the way.


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