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Friday, March 09, 2007

So far so good.

I can't blog at work, otherwise I would have brought you into the loop sooner.

At 10:30am I got the following text message. "At the hospital. Updates soon."
See, now "soon" is relative. When I hadn't heard back in 5 minutes I started tapping my toes impatiently. I managed to hold out and not be a bug until about 1:30 when I sent a text message back on the pretense of "Hope all is well", and by 'hope all is well' I meant 'I'm dying for updates here!!!!'

At 1:41pm I got "Going good. 4-5cm." Yep - that's good. I was sure by the time I got home she would have already had the baby and I could whip up the announcement.

Um, nope. My husband took me out for dinner and all I could think about was getting home to check my e-mails. Ahhhh, romance.

So I sent another text just now, (look at me being all restrained and not burying them in text messages - I mean hey, it's not like they have anything else to do right?), and at 7:39pm I got this back "Doing good. 7-8cm."

So she's almost there, and with any luck she'll have this baby before I go to bed.
I don't know how I'll be able to sleep otherwise.



Blogger Kristy said...

OOHHHH, how exciting!! I can't wait to hear about Aidan's arrival!!

10:42 PM  

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