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Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Nursery - Completed

It's taken me forever to post these pics - mostly because I take a lot of pics and can't seem to find the time to upload them from the camera. Also, I've been a bit busy lately. :-) So I'm sorry I haven't done it sooner but this is the progression of Aiden's room. Enjoy.

Oh, and please ignore the formatting. I'm doing this at work and don't have time to mess with it not looking quite as great as I would like it to - even thought it does frustrate me to no end. UGH.


This is the room after we'd moved out all of the "big" items (i.e. bed, desk, etc) but these was still a ton of junk in there - only pushed to the middle.

Here's G getting the room ready for the painting. Gotta take all the switch covers off first though. You can see even more of the junk from this vantage point though - notice the closet full of crud.

Here's G smiling as he gets ready to paint. There's not as much smiling during the painting process - he he.

And here's G during the painting process - deep in concentration.

Here's G in the corner of the room after the first coat.

And here he is by the door after the first coat.

Here's a better look at the room after the first coat.

Here's the room after the crib and dresser are together but before everything is put away. It was a bit of a mess for a while.

And here's a similar vantage point but you can see the things sitting on my glider. Notice the tiny galoshes?? Too cute for words.

Here's the shelves in progress over the dresser/changing table that G built.

And here's G finishing the hanging of the shelves. He did a FABULOUS job.

Here's the dresser/changing table up clsoe. The cabinet has diapers and wipes while the drawers hold clothes and sheets.

Here's the entire dresser and shelf wall.

This is off to the right of the dresser - between the dresser and crib really. It's the "diaper/wipe stash/lotion" stash. There are actually even more diapers and wipes that have been added to the stash since I took this pic two weeks ago. We are so lucky that people have been so generous to us.

This is the finished nursery looking in from the doorway. The closet is off to the right and the dresser/changing table is off to the left.

These are the pictures over the crib. They're a little hard to see but from left to right it's a giraffe, lion, cheetah, and zebra.

This is the glider/breastfeeding corner. If you look closely you can see the box of breast pads sitting next to the lamp. :-)

And this is the 3rd shelf G built. Right now it's just holding our Childbirth class certificate and picture frames, waiting for pics of Aiden to be added, along with a few keepsakes.

Here is the closet from the back corner by the crib. Aiden's closet is WAY MORE organized than mine, I have to say. His clothes are all on the top shelf right now and I even had room to place hooks for the hanging of his diaper bags.

The final pic is an updated closet pic. This is what it looks like with the doors open but you can't see the sides, which do hold a lot. The blue things stacked on the top shelves are water proof pads used to place under people for minor medical procedures - but they will make PERFECT disposable changing pads while out and about - it's a major plus of working in a medical office.

So this is his room before he comes home and of course I'm sure everything goes to you know what. I'm just keeping these as proof that at one point in his life (even if it was before he made his appearance) his mom did try to have some organization in her life. If for one brief shining moment. :-)


Blogger deanna said...

That is a BEAUTIFUL shade of green on the walls! So peaceful---it just has a good feel about. Fine job, G!

12:54 PM  

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