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Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Here's something about me that most people wouldn't guess - I love to crochet. You may have gotten that hint from my links but a lot of people are surprised when they learn this about me. I'm only 24 and a lot of people see that as an older person's craft or whatever. I will say that I did learn this craft from my great grandmother, so I can see why that stereotype may exist. She taught me to crochet as a kid I really didn't care for it. I just didn't see the point of crocheting a doily or blanket. Now I get so much enjoyment out of making something and actually having that finished product to show the work I've done. I also love to read but there's just something about having proof of your time when you're done crocheting that you just can't get from reading. I would love to learn to knit and I think I will be trying to teach myself that sometime soon. Of course I love to relax and watch movies or go for long walks. All of these things give me enjoyment and I hope this gives a little insite into me.


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