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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

The Storms of Life

Sometimes the storms in our lives are just what we need. I was thinking about this last night as a huge storm swept through my town, downing trees and power lines, and generally reaking havoc. As much as this storm was a burden to so many (especially those still without power today) it was a blessing to me. The sky was black, the wind blew, the rain came and there was nothing I could do about. I saw trees fall but I saw trees stand. I saw people helping one another to make it through, not because they had to but because they wanted to. I was a bystander in this great thing, a small piece that had no effect whatsoever. I prayed that the Lord would keep all those involved safe and He did, that was the small part I could play.

That's how this life feels. So many times, as the storms blow up and when I feel so insignificant I discover how very wrong I am. When I feel at my lowest, in a situation where there is nothing I can do, that's when I find the devastating storm wasn't such a storm after all. When I pray and the Lord takes care of the big and the small alike, when those huge things that seemed completely overwhelming show themselves to be so small that's when I'm taught the big lessons.

I'm truly thankful for the storms of life. In the middle of the storm I may not be able to see the point, to see the reason for the madness but on the other side there's sun peeking through the clouds. No matter how low I am or how hard the winds seem to blow I know that my Lord is there and that I will be safe with Him. We are like the trees, we either break and fall when the hard wind blows or our foundation is strong and we hold on knowing that this is just another breeze on the path of life, only gaining strength from those trials we can stand through. The Bible says "Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand." I am thankful for the strength the Lord gives me to stand in a storm and for the knowledge to know that the sun will be shining on the other side.


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