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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Getting Caught Up

Okay, so I'm behind. I have been so busy at work and with life in general that some things have gone by the wayside (this being one of them).

This is the end of the fiscal year at my primary job so we are BUSY, BUSY, BUSY. There's definitely not much downtime right now and in some ways that's not a bad thing. It makes the day go by faster, that's for sure, but when you are trying to get things done and the hours are flying by it can really seem overwhelming. Luckily this should only last until about August and then things will return to normal (hopefully anyway). :-)

Church is busy as usual also. Our Super Church (children's program) is going along good. We're going to be doing "Lava Lava Island" for our VBS this year and I'm really looking forward to that. That's scheduled for August so I have a little time before I have to worry too much about things along those lines. Also, we're starting Revival this week in our church so that will keep things busy too. The evagelist (Bro. Bruce Shepherd) is a great man of God and I'm very excited to hear the messages he has to bring.

Well, that's about all that's going on right now. Hopefully I won't get nearly so far behind as I have this time.


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