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Monday, July 12, 2004

Summer & Life

I love summer!! Okay, I love fall more (definitely my favorite season) but summer is right up there with it. I love getting to go outside and not having to worry about a jacket. I love smelling flowers in full bloom and honeysuckle blossoms. The feel of the hot sun on my skin is a sensation that I long for all winter long and though I may complain about humidity I can't get enough of the hot days. I don't wear shorts or tank tops because of my religion but I do wear skirts to my knees and short-sleeved shirts and those are just as nice. I like to lay in the sun in the privacy of my backyard. I love playing with my two dogs and walking them without shivering the whole way. Even the bees (which I loath) aren't that bad because I know they're just another one of God's creations put here for a purpose.

I love summer and I am so happy that I get to experience it. I have been down lately but knowing that the Lord has us all in His hand and that tomorrow is just around the corner makes this life worth loving. I love my God and my life and I am thankful for every day I get to live it.


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