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Friday, July 03, 2009

A Little Stressed

My two main jobs take up a lot of time and my two classes take up the rest. Of course I also have the cleaning job (only about 2.5 hours a week) but in a busy schedule that makes things even harder. Add in a holiday weekend (which is one of my favorites!) a family night at the drive-in because, hello, I have to have some fun time with G and the babies, and that makes for one stressed out me.

G and I are meeting a bunch of friends and going to the drive-in to see the new Tranformers movie and Year One with Jack Black. I love going to the drive-in. It of course starts near dark, which around here is about 10:00 at night this time of year. We take the pack n' play for Livi, who falls asleep close to the start of the first movie, all bundled up and sweet. Aiden usually falls asleep during or close to the end of the first movie and sleeps through the second, also all bundled up and adorable. I get to eat my 94% fat free Smart Pop (which I LOVE!) in the kettle corn flavor, yum! And G and Aiden chow down on candy and soda. We hang out with our friends and get two shows for the price of one out under the stars.

Tomorrow we'll be heading to the parade in the morning. I have always loved the 4th of July parade but our town parade sucks a little. Well, maybe a lot. Basically we live in a very liberal college town so there are a lot of people with crazy agendas that put themselves in the parade even though they have nothing to do with patriotism, which is the point of the holiday and the parade in the first place. The parade does technically have rules for floats and all of that but they are rarely enforced. One year there was a half naked girl cage dancing on a float and most years there are these hippy, no underarm shaving, chicks with sticks that walk the parade. I have no idea what they have to do with celebrating our country's independence but whatever. I prefer the marching band and the people that actually decorate their floats in a patriotic sort of way. My church has even been in the parade before and trust me, our floats were decked out in a red, white, and blue sort of way.

Tomorrow afternoon will probably be my study time and boy do I need it. Tuesday I have a paper due and Thursday is my mid-term. I also have a quiz due by Sunday so I'm a bit stressed out there. Luckily there is also an extra credit paper I can write to help me at the end of the course (in about 4 weeks), which I'm sure I will be writing just to cover my mid-term and final grades. So far I have 100% in the class but I am VERY nervous about the mid-term. Ugh. I am actually getting sick to my stomach just thinking about it. Oh and that's just about me Psychology class. That doesn't even cover the things I need to do for my health and fitness class.

Tomorrow night will be the fireworks show. Well, hopefully. There is a chance of rain here but I'm REALLY hoping that will bypass us altogether. It rained on the parade last year and that was a real downer. Aiden wasn't a big fan of fireworks last week at our church's show but hopefully being a little farther away from the action will help. Oh and we will be taking a blanket to put over his head if necessary. That's the only thing that made him happy last week - G's hands over his ears, sunglasses on, and a blanket over his head. Livi just slept through most of it. I love that age.

Sunday is a family bbq for G's dad's side of the family. That will be after church in the afternoon but of course that's also when my stuff is due. I'm thinking I will just have to suck it up and make sure everything is done tomorrow because there is no way I will have time for any of it on Sunday. Oh and I have to get my cleaning job in there somewhere too. I have no idea when but sometime.

One day I will get a vacation right?


Blogger Rachel said...

Yes, you will get a vacation one day. Try not to stress and enjoy your weekend/holiday.

11:04 AM  

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