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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So What's New With You?

Not too much to report on here. I am still going strong with the Weight Watchers regimen. So far I'm down over 20 pounds (seriously, I can't even believe it myself!). This week was really great for me but the previous two weeks' weigh-ins were a bit off (female issues I suspect). I am starting to wear clothes that I haven't put on since before I got pregnant with Aiden, which is an AWESOME feeling and people are starting to notice. The work and frustration are definitely worth it. I'm thinking "before" and "progress" pictures may be coming soon.

In other news I did get another part-time job to help get us through. I am back working in the office for a national carpet cleaning company. I was their Office Manager years ago before they decided to downsize and consolidate offices. Now they are under new ownership and needed some help so here I am. I am getting 20-32 hours at the hospital and 15 hours with this job. I also do a cleaning job once a week that takes about 2.5 hours. Oh yeah, and I'm going to school part-time. Luckily I do the hospital work at home and my classes over the internet or I might be pulling my hair our right now. I am not nearly as stressed about paying the bills but things are still very tight. I think that's just the nature of things right now, so many people are in the same boat we are at this point.

I'm seriously considering doing a few "vlog" posts so don't be surprised if you start seeing something like that on here soon. I would love to answer any question any one out there has for me - be it weight loss related or otherwise. I especially love to share recipes or tips if you want to send any my way. Well I guess that's all for now - as Suze Orman would say "now you be safe!"


Blogger Miss X said...

You rock! Congrats on the weight loss girl! :) Can't wait to see the pics.

On the job front, glad you are finding work. I'm sure you are exhausted. Your schedule is very impressive.

Good job Brandy!

7:52 PM  
Blogger Heather said...

Congratulations on the weight loss!!!!! That is some impressive #s!!!

I'm surprised you have time to update us with everything you have going on. Take care of you.

10:26 AM  

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