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Monday, January 12, 2009


Well, I went for the introduction to the company I will be joining, at least on a part-time basis anyway. It's a hospital in town that opened a little over 2 years ago. Most of the things that were discussed really didn't pertain to me, given that I will be doing transcription from home and won't have anything to do with patient care, but it was still very interesting.

I did find out that their insurance benefits are reasonable, around the same as G's. That is excellent information in the even that I am ever brought on full-time. I also found out that their paid time off (PTO) benefits are PHENOMENAL. If I become a full-time, 40-hour work week employee I would earn 24 PTO days a year. Yes, you read that right - 24!! That's almost 5 weeks a year, compared to my one year here. Oh yeah, and you can start using them right away, as opposed to having to go an entire year before becoming eligible to use my one week. There were also great things like employee paid for life insurance and 4% matching for a 401K. Even more for me to drool over.

I just can't tell you how very much I want this to work out. I'm hoping I can impress the pants off these people and that the hospital just keeps getting more and more busy. Fingers crossed!


Blogger sky girl said...

Everything crossed for you!

1:59 PM  
Blogger OHN said...

You can ignore my last comment on your last post...this sounds better than mine :)

3:59 PM  

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