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Friday, January 02, 2009


This is my 300th post. WOW. I had no idea what number I was on until I went to check out blogger to see when I had actually started blogging. I was shocked to see 299 as the number on the screen. As a side note I've also been on here for 4.5 years and it seems like there should be more posts for that amount of time but oh well. Can't change that now right?

For post #300 it seems like I should do something special but I just don't have any idea what. Since we're starting 2009 I will do a wrap up of 2008 to start the year off right.

January - It was a year ago tomorrow that we found out Aiden wasn't going to be an only child. I was shocked and scared and so over the moon excited all at the same time to find out there would be no "trying" for another baby. By the end of the month we'd had the first ultrasound and could breath a small sigh of relief to see that gorgeous heartbeat on the monitor. Morning sickness kicked in and I just tried to get through the days without losing the contents of my stomach.

February - I had a ton of job upheaval this month and got in a major hurry to find something else. I ended up in my current job, which was nice that I didn't have to worry about my check bouncing each week. Aiden started walking this month and has been on the run ever since!

March - Aiden turned 1. We had a small party for him and our close friends came to celebrate his first year. It really did seem like it happened way too fast but birthday #2 is just around the corner. The morning sickness started to subside and I was definitely showing much quicker than with Aiden.

April - This month we found out that the bun in my oven had girl parts and Aiden would be expecting a baby sister. I was actually a little shocked when the ultrasound tech showed us because my pregnancy was so similar to Aiden's that I just naturally thought I would be having another boy. Miss Olivia had other things in mind though.

May - We celebrated Mother's Day and G's birthday this month. My bump was getting bigger but definitely higher than Aiden. My heartburn (reflux really) came out in full force though and it was worse than ever - bleegh.

June - Father's Day came and went. I passed the glucose tolerace test, which meant one less thing to worry about. Aiden had his first haircut, which made him look much more boy than baby, definitely hard for a mama to see. Our water heater sprung a leak, our A/C in our car went to crap, and the A/C in the house froze up. It was a hard month on the budget but with a little prayer and help from family we got through it.

July - We tried to prepare in starts and stops for Livi's arrival. I had a bit of a scare including blurred vision, high blood pressure, two visits to the midwife's office in two days, urine collection, and a day of bedrest. It was all chalked up to a bit of a stomach bug from the weekend and I had no more issues on that front.

August - Holy crap is pregnancy during the hottest part of the summer HARD! I know being 8 months pregnant is a struggle at any time of the year but somehow knowing the difference between pregnant in February and pregnant in August makes it even rougher. I was lucky enough to continue working though and had ankles almost through my delivery.

September - Olivia arrived!! I was able to work up until the day before she was born. We had a plan all in place. I was going to be induced 2 days after my due date if she hadn't arrived by then but Olivia had other plans in mind. She came quick, fast, and in a hurry but I wouldn't have changed it for anything. She has changed our lives immeasurably but certainly for the better and in ways I could have never imagined. Aiden's life also changed forever but he has adapted so much better than I could have asked and seems to really enjoy his sister. Even though things were great on a personal level work really started to SUCK. My boss was making my life miserable. Yuck.

October - Work didn't get any better so I started looking for another job. I interviewed for one but it didn't work out. I work for a paranoid, slightly manic woman who is extremely emotional and flighty and who lets that affect her decisions about this business. It is more frustrating than I can describe. Aiden and Livi celebrated Halloween as fries and a ballerina. They were absolutely adorable and everyone oohed and aahed over them. G and I celebrated 10 years of marriage. I don't know how that much time has gone by so quickly but the years we have spent together have been the very best of my life. I don't know how I could get by without him.

November - This month flew by. I was officially back at work full time (even though I worked at home pretty much through my entire maternity leave). We celebrated our first Thanksgiving as a family of 4. It was wonderful.

December - I kept up the job hunt and have actually gotten my foot in with one of the hospitals in town. I will be working part time (yes, I know I'm insane) in addition to my full time job to try to either get on full time or at least get enough experience to find a different full time position with another hospital. The part time will be at home and until I either go full time or get another job the extra money to sock away will be nice. We had an absolutely wonderful and exhausting Christmas. Livi met Santa and Aiden at least waved to him. Aiden had the most fun ripping into presents while Olivia slept through most of the fun parts of Christmas. Hopefully I'll be posting a few pics of the holidays soon. We rang in the New Year with friends and I can't wait to see what 2009 brings.

Hopefully I can get on the ball and post here a little more. It's a haven that I can't thank the blogging community enough for. I am able to get out all the angst I have stored up and share all the joys this life has to offer. I hope all of your new years are filled with love and laughter.


Blogger Heather said...

Happy New Year! You have had a busy year!

1:39 PM  
Blogger Miss X said...

Blessings for a wonderful 2009!

10:41 PM  
Blogger Wait Another Year said...

Congrats on ur 300th post! I've also been blogging for over 4 yrs now but it doesn't feel that long.

It seems you have had a lot happen in the past year. May 2009 bring you more happiness and blessings!

Btw, I can't waito to see more recent pics of Olivia. I'm sure she is getting so big.

10:52 AM  
Blogger serenity said...

Happy New Year and wow - you're one busy lady. With a full time AND a part time job + 2 kids, it's no wonder why you haven't posted more. In fact, I'm surprised you find time to sleep. :)

May 2009 be a fantastic year for you and your family.

1:12 PM  

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