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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cruisin' For a Bruisin'

So um yeah, I'm gonna take the job. Yep, I'm clinically insane and going to technically have three jobs. Please just roll your eyes now, cluck your tongue at my stupidity, and encourage me like nobodies business. :-)

G is completely, 100% behind me on this. It's just too good an opportunity to squander and not go after. Once I actually got to talk to them in detail I found out that there is a very good chance it could become full time in a few months. After that it would be at home and a good $2-$3/hr more than I make now. Oh and they are also trying to implement a program where they actually issue a work computer to the transcriptionist to increase security, which would enable me to work any time of the day or night without interrupting G's writing. How can I possibly just walk away from that?? Not only that I would have benefits and experience in a job that would absolutely give me even more opportunities in the future.

All that being said our lives are going to be even more upside down now than ever. I start training January 12th. Wow, just a few weeks away. You may be getting a lot more posts at that time because all my frustration about life will have to come out here. Given all the work my poor husband will have to do to help keep our house running he will most definitely not get the brunt of my exhaustion or frustration, that my dear internet friends will be your job. Smooches! :-)


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