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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No Help

I'm going to have a little rant and then I'll get off my soap box and move on. Ok?

Why is it that when you hear about help for education and healthcare and everything else it seems to also include the words "low income"? What about us middle class that struggle all the time to get by and just need a little help? We work hard just to have a little something (and by little I mean a very moderately priced home and two older vehicles that are paid for) and provide for our families but because of that we can't get any help. Of course if I was a single mom popping out babies with 4 different daddy's then I could get my housing, food, and schooling paid for. But since I'm just a regular gal who makes above minimum wage (but no where what I could make with a college degree) I'm basically told to suck it up and get loans or pay on my own. How is that fair? Because I work my taxes go to help all the people that are "low income" get free schooling and have their housing provided yet I can't catch a break. It's not right. The "haves" can't keep taking care of the "have nots" when the haves are being taxed to death and pushed to the brink.

Rant over.


Blogger Wait Another Year said...

I have the same rant. I love helping others and have always helped whenever I could but there is nothing there to help me in my time of need now. There should be some assistance set aside for middle class people too; it could be in tuition, mortgage, car payments, whatever...just something! You know I called the mortage company last week, trying to see if they have a program of some kind to give us some relief on our payments for a month or two. They told me since our account is not deliquent, there's nothing they could do for us. Unbelievable! Basically, they are unwilling to help us UNTIL we are in deep shit. That is just crazy.

9:00 PM  
Blogger Safire said...

Oh I know! It's hard to just scrape by. In my area, almost everyone uses food stamps because they are considered "low income" and "high risk". They have nicer cars, nicer clothes, and school is paid for. We are only a few hundred dollars away from qualifying for aid and we can't get it. So frustrating!

9:14 PM  

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