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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just My Luck

I had to laugh about this because it would only happen to me. My luck is known around these parts because if it's going to happen to anyone, it's going to be me. And you better believe I don't mean something good.

The new part-time position I'm taking on will be from home. My supervisor emailed me last week to ask if I could bring my computer tower into the hospital for the IT guys to be able to get the software installed and ready to go. She said today would be fine but that last Friday would be better. I said that was fine and I would have it in there at 8:00 on Friday, in hopes that I would be able to get it back by the end of the day and not be without it over the weekend. Please keep in mind I do not have a small tower, no it's one of the old style full-size bad boys. That alone is a PAIN to unhook and dig out of my computer desk but I figured it was worth it for this job.

Friday morning rolled around and I dropped Aiden off at my grandma's and headed over to the hospital with Livi. Luckily she was snuggled happily in her infant seat so she was easy to carry. I picked it up with one arm and Livi up with the other and in we went. The ladies at the front desk were very polite and quite congratulatory about my new job. Livi even gave them big smiles, which made the interaction all that more pleasant. The ladies said the IT person was not in yet but that they would let him know that my computer was at the front desk. I also left a note on there with my contact information so he could call me for the password.

Can you guess where this story is going?? The day goes by and no call. Finally I call my future boss and also the IT department trying to get a hold of someone to find out if I would get my computer back for the weekend. Time keeps going by and finally I give up at 5:30 and head out to get Livi and Aiden. A few minutes later I get a call from the IT guy on my cell phone. This is when he tells me that no one from the front desk called to tell him that my computer was there and that he never saw it during the day. He was very nice and apologetic but said it was probably still sitting at the front desk. He said I could leave it and he would look at it Monday or that I could go get it and then bring it with me when I go for more training on Wednesday.

Which do you think I chose? Hhhhmmm, let me think about that for a minute. Of course I went and picked the thing up. I had to laugh when I pulled up to the main doors and I could see my tower sitting on the front desk right where I had left it that morning. At least I was able to laugh about it and know there are worse things going on in the world.


Blogger Heather said...

That would be my luck too!

4:49 PM  

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