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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

1st OB Appointment

This is a little delayed – chalk it up to being exhausted, having constant nausea, and being extremely busy at work, which means I have no desire to be on the internet at home. Anyway, I had my first OB appt on Thursday 7/27 and it went pretty well I think (not that I have anything to compare it to).

Mostly there was A LOT of talking – lots of medical history and recommendations about testing and birth classes. Considering how much I like to read there wasn’t really anything she said that I hadn’t heard or read before.

The most exciting part was when she asked if I wanted to try to hear the heartbeat – and most of me wanted to jump up and down and say YES, YES, PLEASE – but the restrained part said that would be wonderful. Given that it’s still early she said it might be difficult and it took her a few minutes but when she got to the lower left part of my abdomen there it was. I could tell by the look on her face she was happy and her exact words were “there it is, it’s unmistakable.” It truly was beautiful to hear again, to have a little more reassurance that things are going okay.

At that point it was over and I got sent for all the blood work I’ve heard about. This was the part I was least looking forward to given my fear of needles but the guy who did it was FABULOUS. Seriously, I HATE needles and I could barely feel it – he was that good.

I don’t know how to wrap this post up other than to say things seem to be going okay right now and that makes me one happy gal.


Blogger Kristy said...

Congrats on the great appointment!!

2:40 PM  
Blogger deanna said...

I'm so glad your appointment went well! And, how wonderful to get to hear the heartbeat and get some much-appreciated reassurance. =)

2:59 PM  
Anonymous Hannah said...

Congratulations! I just had my first in April, an it it the most wonderful experience. I remember the nausea, but hopefully it'll be gone in a few weeks. Hope this continue to go well! :-)

12:55 AM  

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