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Monday, July 10, 2006

me, me, me

courtesy of JJ at Domesticated.

I WANT: this pregnancy to stick
I HAVE: more blessings than I can count
I WISH: I had the money to finish school
I HATE: lazy people who want to live off others
I MISS: my friends that have moved away
I WONDER: what it will be like to actually be a parent
I REGRET: not finishing school
I AM NOT: as patient as I used to be
I DANCE: like a crazy person and only in the privacy of my home
I SING: in the car, ALL THE TIME
I CRY: when the urge hits
I AM NOT ALWAYS: as sensitive as I should be
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: crocheted blankets and other items
I WRITE: not as much as I would like to (mainly just this blog at this point)
I CONFUSE: my dogs when I act like I’m going to throw the ball (I’m so mean) :-)
I NEED: to clean my house on a much more regular basis
I SHOULD: call or email people I’ve lost touch with in the last couple of years
I START: cleaning all the time
I FINISH: much less than I start


I TAG: Deanna, Shannan, and Kristy! :-)


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