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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I have to post about this because I've been thinking about it since yesterday and can't get it off my mind.

Did any of you read about Cindy Margolis posing for playboy? I know it may seem like a weird topic for me to blog about but I can't help it. Part of me really doesn't care - I mean, it's just another gal taking her clothes off for a magazine right? The other part of me can't help but respect her for bringing fertility issues into the spotlight. She had an MTV special about her struggles with fertility and has been very public about them. She has one son after a high risk pregnancy and twins through a surrogate after having to stop IVF treatments that weren't working. So many times people, including stars, want to hide this but she hasn't and even if she is taking her clothes off I respect the heck out of her.


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