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Thursday, April 27, 2006


Not much to say about the interview. I very much want the job and I thought it went well but I can’t say for 100% sure that I’ll be called back for a 2nd interview. I don’t know what makes me feel that way, I just do. She said they would be setting 2nd interviews up for next week and that she would be talking to me at the beginning of next week. That seems positive right?

I think I’m preparing myself for disappointment in the event that I don’t get this job. That is so sad. This goes back to my point in the “fingers crossed” post. As much as I want to be excited I just can’t be, for fear of disappointment. It’s like each month of TTC. Even after the miscarriage, when people all around me say things like “at least this shows you can get pregnant”, all I can think is that it also shows that I can have a miscarriage. I know that is so negative and I don’t mean to be but that’s where I am right now. It would be silly to try to lie to myself about my feelings now.


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