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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

37-Week Update

Technically I'm not 37-weeks until tomorrow but I had my doctor's appt* today so I figured I would just go ahead and post that way. At 35-weeks I had a cervical check (did I mention that here?? I don't think so) that showed I was a "loose 1"** and my cervix was still long but soft. They didn't do a cervix check last week since I had just had one the week before. I was definitely fine with that, given that I've had my lady parts poked enough, thank you very much. Today my blood pressure and weight were good. My cervical check shows I am now a "good 2", 75% effaced, and her head is nice and low. Hopefully this means that sometime in the next 3 weeks my body is going to kick in and do this thing a whole lot more naturally than it did with Aiden. It would be nice anyway.

* Have I explained my doctor situation before? I just can't remember so I will give a very brief breakdown. I normally see a midwife, Liz, who I have seen for years, even before TTC. She practices with 3 other doctors (the third just joined the practice in the last year) and delivers in hospitals, as it is illegal in Indiana for a midwife to assist with a home birth. When I got pregnant it just made sense to stay with her. Liz is fabulous and pretty much does everything the doctors do other than surgical procedures. When we had to use the vacuum for Aiden they called in the doctor and of course if I had had to have a c-section the doctor also would have done that. Since there is a chance that Liz might be with another delivery or something of that nature she likes all of her patients to meet with each of the docs once during their pregnancy to at least have met them. I hadn't seen one of the docs yet this time around so that's who I saw. Although since she's the one that used the vacuum for Aiden I do feel intimately acquainted with her, since she has seen my bits and all.

** Those were her words, not mine, and let me assure you they have gotten some laughs. G thought maybe she meant my entire undercarriage was loose and the baby was just going to fall out. I just had to laugh and almost said something along the lines of "well how else would I have ended up in this position?" It just was not the best wording in the world in my opinion.


Blogger melinda said...

Haha, it sounds like you have an excellent midwife and are in good hands. (I really like her concept of "working with doctors" - it's like, she's willing to get help if there are complications, and she already has a relationship with doctors for those situations.) Tell Olivia we're getting impatient for her to make her appearance! :)

5:03 PM  
Blogger deanna said...

Woohoo!! Congrats on 37 weeks!!! What a wonderful number!

9:13 PM  
OpenID andbabybmakesthree said...

Can't wait to get the news of Olivia's arrival!! :) You're so close!!


12:59 PM  

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