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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Traditions Part II

Thanks for sharing your traditions Rachel and Safire!! I love knowing what everyone else out there in bloggy land is planning for Thanksgiving.

We don’t have a lot of traditions in my family, just some very simple (and nice) ones. On the Sunday before Thanksgiving we get together with G’s mom’s family (you following so far?). It used to be at G’s nana’s house but she passed away two years ago on the 23rd (yes, the day before Thanksgiving that year). We still get together though and it’s very nice. Then on Thanksgiving day we go to my grandmother’s house (which I’ve had every holiday at that I can remember throughout my entire life) for lunch. It’s pretty laid back and my grandma does most of the cooking even though I offer to bring something EVERY YEAR. She just really loves doing it. After my grandma’s house is G’s dad’s family’s celebration. This is always spent at G’s mamaw’s house (his dad’s mom). That usually starts around 3-4 p.m. and doesn’t wrap up until 8-9 p.m. There are usually lots of children running around and there is almost always euchre involved. There is always lots of turkey, noodles, and yummy desserts every where we go and more love than I can possibly express.

Those are our traditions. Anyone else want to share theirs or maybe just their holiday plans??


Blogger sky girl said...

Well, turkey is our most prominent tradition. Mom makes most of the meal and I help in any way that I can.

Often after stuffing ourselves silly we will play a game of Trivial Pursuit. :)

5:38 PM  
Blogger DMB (andbabybmakesthree.wordpress.com) said...

We don't really have any traditions for Thanksgiving. Growing up we'd spend the holiday at my grandparents' houses (lunch at one and dinner at the other), but they've all passed away. Since getting married, we usually fly to New England to see my husband's family (and Christmas with mine), but the airfare cost too much this year, so we'll be here in town with my parents. It'll just be my parents, me, my hsuband, and the baby, so not really a big gathering, but I have a small family that is spread throughout the country, so it hasn't been a big gathering in quite a while. We'll go over to my parents' after lunchtime, eat around 4, then stay until Baby B calls it a night for us. It'll be low-key, but definitely fun. And I'm certainly glad to have the time off work!

Happy Thanksgiving!

8:52 PM  
Blogger M said...

We aren't big t-day tradition folk. My grandma's birthday was always around there (11-23 strange strange date coincidense there!) anyhow so we'd always celebrate her birthday.

I make a list of things I'm thankful for every year and will insist my kids do the same.

Plus the turkey hand drawings MUST be done. This is a new one that we did occasionally as kids but I will absolutely do from hereonout with mine (just started this year. Wish I'd thought to start when Liam was smaller!)

Christmas we have far more traditions but that's a post in its own. :)

8:37 PM  

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