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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ungrateful People and a VERY Grateful Me

Last night was my office party and for the most part it was pretty fabulous. There were "Hawaiian dancers" for entertainment, good food, and I was shocked at how few people got sloshed before 10:00 p.m. Usually our party is known for the open bar and the HUGE amount of people that take advantage of that and get hammered. Luckily this year people at least kept that from happening until the end of the night when the dancing and true "partying" started. Well, most people.

The owner of the company that I work for is extremely generous. Not only do we usually get a gift of some type (usually jewelry like a necklace or bracelet) but he also gives each employee and bonus - in cash. Very few businesses I know of would do something so nice these days.

At the table next to mine and my immediate boss's was an extremely horrid woman. If I were a cursing person I might even call her a b---- and I know you know what I mean. An ungrateful b---- is more accurate. The owner likes to call each person up individually and give them their gift and bonus and say something nice about them even if he doesn't know them well personally. This person at the table next to us was very rude throughout the evening, talking loudly while the boss was talking and that sort of thing. Well, all bets were off when she got her bonus.

She decided to open her bonus at the table right after getting it. In front of everyone. Which is a HUGE no no. In the past the owner has even gone so far as to say, "your bonus is private and the amount is not to be shared with others." He did not say that this year and this was this woman's first party with our company. When she opened her envelope of FREE CASH she starts yelling about how she only got f---ing $300.00 and that was not right. She did SO much more work that anyone else and it was f---ing s--- that she would get so little and he was cheap b------ to only give her so little. She didn't care if she was loud, she hoped they would hear her and fire her so she could have unemployment and sit on her a-- at home doing nothing for this kind of money.

I wanted to tell her she was a MORON (and more than a few other choice words) who worked at the slowest office we run and how the billing office would love to close her office down because it makes NO money. She of course was not taking the hint from anyone she was sitting with that her behavior was not okay but it was so loud in there anyway that the owner up front couldn't hear her.

After the bonuses were complete and the owner announced dancing and fun I made sure to specifically go up to our bookkeeper and the owner's assistant (because I am close friends with both, the bookkeeper being my childbirth educator) and told them about the situation. They both agreed with my assessment that the woman should and will be fired next week when she comes in to work and we will be contesting her unemployment compensation, if nothing else to ensure it will take her a long time to get it if she does at all. If I could have I would have told the owner directly so that he could take her bonus away but he was busy already.

I can NOT tolerate people that receive something like that and are so extremely ungrateful for it. I was OVER THE MOON to receive my bonus this year. An envelope full of cash is fine by me any day and I will never take that for granted. I am so very thankful that my bonus will help us not only fix the leaky shower we discovered yesterday but also it will help us pay for the Christmas presents we would love to buy each other, Aiden, and our families. I am thankful that I can see that no matter the amount that I received it was more than I had before and I am not the kind of person that would be upset that my free money wasn't enough. I am thankful that if nothing else that woman showed me the kind of person I never want to be.

Thanks for listening to the rant. :-)


Blogger sky girl said...

What a wretched woman! That's terrible. If only she knew that some people get NOTHING from their companies. Then she'd have something to be ungrateful for.

10:29 AM  
Anonymous nikki said...

People like that irritate me beyond belief. She should be grateful.

12:06 PM  
Blogger M said...

I'm glad you brought it to someone's attention. The opening the gift was incredibly tacky as hell. But the attitude that went with it? Disgusting. I would kill for an extra $300. Hell if Josh gets a $25 bonus like he has in years past I'll be incredibly grateful! It sounds like your company is a fabulous one to work for. I'm glad that woman no longer will. What a piece of crap.

8:38 PM  

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