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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Stupid People

There's this girl in the office (and I use that word because that's her maturity level - not a woman) who's 21-years-old, married, and has a small child (maybe 5-6 months old who's name is Aidan and I just found that out - ugh, that's one reason not to use that name). Anyway, from what I can tell they got married when she got pregnant, she likes to drink and go out to bars as much as possible, and her and her husband are now getting a divorce. Yesterday she had a screaming match with him over the phone in the office - the one with the OPEN FLOOR PLAN!! There were a lot of f-bombs and s-bombs and all that good stuff. And now since they're getting divorced her husband is going to move back to Boston where he is from. She's going to stay here and is now worried about child care since her husband watched the baby during the day and she has to find someone to do that. I was standing by one of the other women talking to her when the stupid girl turns around and says her mom has just offered tokeep the baby all night, every Friday night once her husband is gone. The girl had the nerve to say that it was such a huge relief because she needs to have one night to herself to go out and party and be young since she is only 21. Seriously??? I know this may sound hypocritical coming from someone who is currently pregnant but things like this still bother me. Why are some women so unthankful for what they have?? Why do they not appreciate it in the least? I know we all need time to ourselves but to actually equate your child with not getting to be young or have fun and want to dump him off on your mother?? UGH!!!


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