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Thursday, July 09, 2009

We Have Vegetables!

This year Gabe (yes, Gabe - I'm just plain done with initials) and I decided we should have a garden. We adore fresh vegetables and have a yard that's more than big enough for one so it really was silly that we'd never done it before. Also, fresh veggies are excellent for you but dear Lord they can get expensive in the store and they just plain don't have anywhere near the flavor of homegrown vegetables. Of course as with everything else in our lives right now this ran way behind and we didn't get anything in the ground (and by we I mean Gabe - he planted our veggies, not me) until near the end of May. But that doesn't matter because they're doing great and we now have vegetables!

This is a cucumber that tasted FABULOUS. We have also planted green peppers and watermelon, which are budding but don't have anything big enough to eat yet, and zucchini, which I've gotten two gourds off of so far and they are delicious - Gabe even discovered today that he likes zucchini! Who knew??

This is one of the tomato plants. We planted regular tomatoes and cherry tomatoes and I honestly don't have a clue which one this is but Gabe took the pic last week and they are already getting bigger. I know they will be red in no time at all and I can just about taste the yummy goodness already. I need to go weed it out, which I think will happen tomorrow.

On a side note, Livi's night of torturing her mama didn't last too long. I really think it was a combination of teething and a late 9-month regression phase. She is just about ready to start walking so I should have been looking for something like that to hit. She did eventually go down for the night about 30-45 minutes after my post the other night and slept through the night. Oh and really, CIO hasn't even been that necessary for her. We do have to use it sometimes but most of the time I can lay her in the crib at her bed time, sometimes she will play or chatter for a little, and then she's out. She is a MUCH better sleeper than Aiden ever was (the boy still sleeps with us - yes, you read that right, he still sleeps in our bed) and I know most of that has to do with necessity but either way she went down at 10:30 last night and again slept through the night. I could most definitely get used to that very easily.


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