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Friday, April 11, 2008

The Race Has Come Home

I don't know how my town has become a political hotbed but three weeks ago C~helsea C~linton was here, two weeks ago former president B~ill C~linton was here and today B~arack O~bama is in town. I saw his motorcade come through approx 15 minutes ago, which was actually kind of neat even if I'm not going to vote for the man.* I know we have a university but things have never been this big a deal before. It's kind of nice to see candidates start thinking about states other than New Hampshire and Iowa.

*And please no comments as to why he should be President or whatever your opinion may be. That is not my opinion and I am entitled to it. Thank you.


Blogger Rachel said...

The same thing has happened here. I figured we would slip by unnoticed since our primary is so close to the general election. Even McCain has been in the area.

8:59 PM  

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