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Friday, November 02, 2007

Halloween!! (Just Two Days Late - He He)

And now for the promised pics!! The first one is Aiden's treat bag. A lady that we go to church with got this for him.

Up next is Aiden in his costume hanging out with his aunt at the Blockbuster she manages. He was having a blast!

I know it's hard to tell from the first picture what his costume was but I'll give you a hint as to the dog he was carrying - it's a Snoopy. He was Charlie Brown of course!! And he was having a FABULOUS time gnawing on Snoopy's hat and jacket.

This is Aiden with his grandma (well, actually great-grandma, she's my dad's mom and his only grandma on my side of the family). She's the wonderful grandma that Aiden spends his days with.

Aiden looks WAY too much like a little toddler boy in this picture and not nearly enough like a baby. I want him to stay my baby for just a little bit longer than he seems to be staying.

Here's Aiden at church, posing for the camera with his mini Snoopy. Please ignore the giant breasts in the background. They just belong to his mother. Ugh.

And of course we had to have someone do a family pic of the three of us for Aiden's first Halloween. If I can get the pics tomorrow I will do a whole post about Aiden's Halloween jammies. Yes, I take just that many pictures.

OH!! I almost forgot. Last, but most definitely not least, this is a picture taken the day before Halloween of Aiden in his new hat. His mother is just the kind of woman that would embarrass him with a hat like this. Oh yes she is. :-)


Blogger Heather said...

Brandy he is adorable! What a great idea for a costume!!

BTW, you guys are a great looking family!

The hat? Awesome. I shall post pics of Kirsten's winter hat... Aiden and Kirsten can commiserate :)

3:40 PM  
Blogger sky girl said...

I have a hat like that (in pink) for chicka. :)

Guess I'm that kinda woman too. tee hee

6:48 PM  
Blogger M said...

Oh cod he was DARLING! Just darling I tell you!

And thanks for pointing out your massive hooters. Are those feeding child hooters or are you, too, cursed with knockers from hell? (Yeah, because it's SO my business to ask. you do NOT have to answer. but hey. You brought your boobies up!)

I don't think I've ever seen a pic of your whole family! You guys are adorable! Oh my!

YEAH for you forcing yourself to post more!

8:38 PM  
Blogger DMB (andbabybmakesthree.wordpress.com) said...

Aiden is so freaking adorable!!

And I love the family picture! Note to self: need to take more family pictures.

Happy belated Halloween!

9:51 PM  
Blogger deanna said...

I lo-o-o-ove Aiden in his Charlie Brown shirt! Seriously, how adorable is that?!!!

7:45 PM  

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