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Monday, December 05, 2011

We Need Help

I don't know any other way to say it. Normally I'm not one to ask for other people's help. G and I have never wanted anything from anyone else that we didn't earn, that we didn't work HARD for. We paid for our own wedding, we supported ourselves as a married couple, we bought a home with 20% down, and when things have been rough we've worked 2 and 3 jobs at a time to make ends meet. G and I both have dreams of where we want our lives to be. I want to take care of people, to serve and help them as a nurse (hence my current status as a nursing student). He is a writer and he would love to make that his career. Right now he has another full-time job to pay the bills but it's just a job. It's a cruddy job that he really doesn't like but he does it every day just to make sure we can support our family. Up until a few weeks ago I also had a full-time job but that was taken away. I didn't lose it, I didn't quit, it's just gone. The company I worked for decided to get cheap, outside labor and got rid of my position. I can't say that I hate being unemployed, being that I can focus on school and spend more time with my family and on my home. But I hate that it hurts us financially and now we're in the position of struggling regularly. My unemployment is delayed due to issues with my previous employer not reporting my income properly. This week I'm going to apply for Medicaid for the kids, as well as WIC and the local health clinic for G and I. Everything is just going wrong right now. I never thought this is where my life would be at 31 years of age.

But this is where you can help. G is trying to self publish his 2nd and 3rd books. One is his second full length novel and the other is a collection of his short stories. He self published his first novel Guarding the Healer (which is available here and here) and we paid for that ourselves but it is NOT cheap. We have to pay for formatting, editing, and cover art. Last year we used our tax return but this year that's not going to be possible with our current financial circumstances. So what does that mean to you? I know I've mentioned this before but it's all about something called Kickstarter. It's a great place where aspiring artists, inventors, etc can look for funding for their projects, where people can invest in something and receiving something in return. And to get something you don't have to invest a lot, every little bit means something HUGE to us.

We have put this on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, G's blog, and here. So far over two weeks in and it's only 8% funded. 8%. Wow. We hoped it would be so much farther than that now. There are only 2 weeks left (it ends December 17th) and if it's not fully funded then none of the funding goes through and the projects will have to wait. I'm disappointed at this point. I'm disappointed that I have 419 friends on Facebook and G has 370 and yet we can't even get a total of 350 of those combined people to invest $10 each. I'm disappointed that more close friends and family, that we have helped and supported when we were in a better financial place haven't wanted to do anything for us. I'm sad that there's a real possibility that the work I know G has poured his heart and soul in to may not be seen by people who would appreciate it any time soon for something as simple as money.

I know the economy is not fabulous right now (we're living proof of that) but would love any help you could offer. I don't just want our friends and family to see this (especially considering they don't even read this blog for the most part) but rather the world. I know many of you are in hard situations too but if you could share this, if you could tweet the link to the Kickstarter page or share it on Facebook. I would love this to go viral and to allow people from all over to see someone with talent and drive, who wants simply to get the ideas out of his head and out into the atmosphere for others to see. If you can donate of course we would be so very grateful but if you can just pass it along and know you're doing something for a family that's struggling right now that would be so very appreciated too. There's a link on my left sidebar including the counts but each of the Kickstarter links here will take you directly to G's project too.

Thank you. Thank you for listening to me vent about this situation. Thank you for passing this along and getting it out there further into the world. And thank you for coming back to my blog even after reading this post.



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