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Monday, November 21, 2011

Support the Arts!

My amazingly talented husband has written another book - SERIOUSLY! His creativity never ceases to astound me. He has also written multiple short stories that the world should get the chance to read. The problem? Well funding of course. To get both of these books published it's going to be about $3,500 and with me just losing my job last week (yep, another post for another day) there's no way we have the funds at this time. That's where you come in. Gabe posted this project on Kickstarter, an awesome site designed to help people who need funding. Right now there are only 26 days and thus far no support. I would LOVE for that to change ASAP. No matter what you are able to give you do get neat things in return. If you can't invest at this time we completely understand but I would LOVE for you to share the project with the people that you know. I have embedded a widget on the left sidebar to make it easy to click through but I'm going to include the link here as well. If you can invest, thank you from the very bottom of our hearts, and if you can't we completely understand and would love any publicity you can swing our way. The internet community is the best!



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