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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Branching Out

Given the current economy and my current "underemployed" status I am looking for any way possible that I can make extra money. I would love to do more with my blog but time and everything else inhibits more than I care to admit. I've decided that maybe ads on the old blog might just be the way to go and now I'm diving in. Please, if you have ads on your blog let me know about them. Do you have any advice for me? I have registered with Google AdSense and am waiting on a response. I love this blog and this forum in general. Being able to make a little money off of it would definitely be able to justify the time I would love to spend here. Thanks for any thoughts and advice you can offer!


Blogger OHN said...

I would love to know how the Ad's work as far as income. I have heard it is not very much.

Sit down and write down 5 things that you like to do and figure out a way to get paid for doing at least one of them.

5:11 PM  

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