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Friday, November 30, 2007

November Wrap Up

NaBloPoMo is OVER! Yay!! Wow, that was really, really hard to do but also fun. Okay, here’s a recap of the month’s fun.

After Halloween was fabulous. I loved taking all the pictures of Aiden in his Charlie Brown costume and in his pumpkin jammies. That got November off to a fabulous start.

Had a fire at work and a little bit of damage but it’s all fixed and we have new carpet in our hallway. I would take a new picture to show it off but I’ve already bored you enough with that right?

My wonderful friend JJ is still holding regarding the little boy she was short listed for. A complication has come up (not with them, with the little boy’s family) but I don’t feel comfortable getting in to details here. I’m sure she would appreciate any good thoughts you can throw her way though.

G and I are still thinking about when to start TTC again. You all gave me WONDERFUL feedback and if I missed sending a reply to any of you, I offer you my deepest apologies. You all freaking ROCK and have made me feel so much better about getting back on that horse one of these days.

Still have giant boobs, still can’t find a bra. Thank you for the recommendation as to where to find bras Sarah Beth and I can’t imagine having to always wear a soft cup bra M. I would go INSANE. I NEED my underwires!!

On the issue of weight I am absolutely still contemplating Weight Watchers Miss X – you are a fabulous inspiration and I am sure I will be asking questions about that in the future.

I asked for good thoughts for my pastor’s wife’s brother and I can’t tell you how much they are still needed. Sadly there has not been a good resolution at this time. Her brother is still on a ventilator and at this point is still paralyzed from the waist down. They don’t know if he will ever move, much less walk, again. We’re still praying for a miracle and any prayers and good thoughts you can send that way are still extremely appreciated.

So far Aiden seems to enjoy his high chair and I like being able to roll him into the kitchen if I need to do the dishes or such.

Thanksgiving was fabulous but I’m almost glad it’s over. We ate WAY too much but had a wonderful time seeing all of our family. I am so thankful for a reminder of what really matters.

Thanks for the info on the vaccines and well-baby visit. I still need to call but Aiden’s appointment isn’t until 12/19 so I still have a little time. I’m thinking I may have to work later that day so I’m really hoping there are few shots involved.

Regarding my tree post, DMB said this “OMG, that's almost our exact TV armoire!! We have two shelves at the top and no raised platform for the TV, but the rest of it is dead on!! Weird to see that! :)” My response: That’s fabulous and hilarious. I love seeing things like that. Hopefully I will get pictures of the tree tonight once I get it all done.

The crib issues are going to take time. Last night did not go nearly as well as Wednesday night but I’m all about transitions and making it as easy as possible on Aiden. Hopefully we’ll be able to get him used to it, because I do truly feel that he will sleep better in his own bed. He seems to really thrash around with us and it ends up waking him up. He's sleeping in his crib right now, after about 45 minutes of fighting it and waking up every time I laid him down. I'm just hoping each night gets a little bit easier. Again, thank you for the encouragement.

Well, I guess that’s about it. Thanks for a fabulous November and I hope December is even better for all of you!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cute pics! :)

And I am happy to answer any questions whenever you decide. :)

Miss X

1:40 PM  
Blogger Katie said...

Gosh, he is so darn cute! Keep the pictures coming!

On the bra thing, wow, it's rare for me to hear another big-breasted woman say she likes underwire. I personally can't stand them. They always cut into my skin and makes it really tough to sleep at night. And I buy the expensive ones too so I don't know why. Well, good luck finding one that you will love! Just keep looking and asking around, I'm sure there's a perfect bra out there for you.

9:20 AM  

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