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Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I almost forgot about this yesterday when I posted about my check-up. The best part of my appt was getting weighed! I know, it's a shocker! LOL. I was so nervous and worried about it since I had lost weight and just barely gained it back in the first and second trimesters. Of course the fact that I chowed down on the Halloween candy was weighing heavily on my mind (major pun intended). Luckily it ended up fabulous. I gained less than 4 pounds from my visit 4 weeks ago and I'm now officially up only 3 pounds for this pregnancy. As long as I stay on a pound a week (or less!) schedule from here on out I'm going to actually hit my goal of less than 20 pounds. And since I'm not skinny to begin with that's a HUGE blessing.

Oh and G was so super sweet yesterday. When it was time for me to get weighed he was holding my coat and stepped around the corner for a minute. I was ecstatic about where I was and even said "yay, less than 4!" He just laughed and then came back. When we were alone again I asked him why he'd walked around the corner and he said it was because he knew how self conscious I am about my weight and wanted to respect that so I wouldn't feel bad. Seriously??!! Is that not the sweetest thing? I love him more and more every day.


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