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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The Saga That Is My Family Part IV: My In-Laws

Bum, bum, bum...

Okay, the mere sound of in-laws generally brings fear but really not in my case. I love my in-laws dearly. They of course are not perfect but really who is? I'm going to use abbreviations to protect the innocent - lol - so let me know if you get confused.

G's father's family is a little different. I love G's dad D.B. but he has many problems. He is an addict and has been for a very long time. Much of G's childhood was spent with his dad drunk or high and that's just sad. He has his problems but he's a good man. His mamaw (D.B.'s mom) is sweet and so are his two sisters. His brother is also an addict and is working on it. We don't get to spend as much time with them as we would like but I hope to work on that.

G has two sisters. One is older (R - 32 now) and one younger (S - 24 now and about 2 weeks younger than me). The older one is a blessing to me. She lives about 2 blocks from us with her DH (A) and DS (B - who's 3 now) and they are great to have so close. R has been wonderful to me from the moment G and I started dating. She accepted me and never judged me. She was the coordinator of our wedding and was glad to help. When she was pregnant we became closer and now we talk almost on a daily basis. She went through a rough time in her marriage the same time as I was initially dealing with the death of my father and I believe we helped each other through those things. She does sweet things because she's a sweet person. This year during the week of the anniversary of my father's passing she brought me a care package. It was fun things from Bath & Body Works. It was just some lotion, perfume, and a room freshener but it meant so very much. The card said she is blessed to have me but I am the one that is blessed and I am so thankful for her. I feel like I could tell her anything and she would be there for me, I hope she knows the same is true for her. I love her and thank God for her.

S is a little different. She is the baby of their family and it definitely shows. Even G will tell you that S is a spoiled brat who thinks the world owes her something. She got pregnant at 16, had the baby at 17 and has been raising him ever since. C is a great kid. I still can't believe he's 7 years old now. S actually got her GED and started going to college to become a nurse. She lives on welfare but I can at least say she's trying to better herself. That and she did a very responsible thing when she decided she didn't want any more children. She had a tubal ligation so that she wouldn't have any more "accidents" and I do respect her for that. The problem with S is that she's her dad. She has a need to feel young and to party. She was dating an amazing guy who loved her and C immensely and she decided to break up with him because she didn't want to be tied down. She views being married and settled as being old. Even in all that she is still a great person. Like her sister and her mom she has a sweet heart. She too calls to say happy b-day and I'm thinking of you. She loves her family dearly and it shows. I hope she can find happiness one day with someone that's good for her and C.

My step-FIL (MM) is a great man. He and my MIL live about two blocks from us in the opposite direction of R. It's really nice to be so close to a family as great as this one. MM is a some what quiet man and I don't have a lot to say about him but he's a good man. I know that if I need anything he's there for me. When I have car trouble that I may have called my dad for in the past I can call him and he will help me in any way he can. He was baptised and received the Holy Ghost just this spring and it's made him an even better man. I know the Lord sent him to me to be that father I would need.

My MIL (D) is a wonderful women that I can't thank the Lord enough for. From the time G and I started dating she has treated me like a part of the family. She has never treated me differently and has always shown me love. She was nothing but happy when G and I got engaged. She altered my wedding dress just because she could. I knew she was sad for G to move out but she NEVER let me see it. I found out years later that she had cried and talked about how empty the house felt without him around and that just made me love her more. As sad as she was she never made me think or feel that she was. Also, to know that she loved her son that much, and wanted his happiness that much, showed me the mother that she is and the kind I want to be. I was so excited when she was baptised in October 2001 and received the Holy Ghost, and we grew even closer after that. When I lost my dad she was, and still is, there for me in a way I couldn't have ever wished for. She understands because she lost her dad when she was in her 20's too and I'm sure that makes a difference. I know if I need anything she would do it if it were in her power to. She does little things because she cares. On my birthday she calls to say hi, happy birthday, and I'm thinking of you, unlike my family. Last spring (2003) she was in Nashville with her mom and saw a little glass angel and it made her think of me so she got it. I keep it on my dresser and think of her every time I see it. This year, the week of father's day, she brought me flowers just because she knew it would be a hard time for me. She knows that G has been without a job so before a ladies conference our church was going to a few weeks ago she handed me money to go out and buy a new suit just because. I mean I've lost some weight but I didn't really need something. She just thought of me and wanted to do it, not for anything in return but because that's the kind of person she is. Like others in my life I know the Lord put her in mine as the mother I never had. One reason I would love to have children right now is because she is an awesome grandmother and I know my children will be lucky to have her. She is an example before me that I would be proud to follow.

I smile when I think of my in-laws because I know I got a family that I love and who loves me, whether we're blood or not.


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