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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

International Sign for Breastfeeding

I have never seen one of these in a public place but I sure hope to soon. Now we just need to educate people as to what it means - and how important it is.


Blogger OHN said...

Hi Brandy..thanks for the comment..I am not offended at all! Networking is the only way to go :) I am always looking for qualified girls (or guys I guess, but I haven't run across any yet) to work for me. The girls I have, have been with me since the beginning and I love them dearly. I am also looking for new clients all the time. Because of India (ahem)I haven't lost accounts but have been prevented from obtaining accounts. I actually have a couple that came to me after leaving India because the accuracy was horrible. The EMR's are actually more of an issue for me than India. The newbies are coming out of med school with laptops and are much more adept with medical record data. Anyway...I didn't mean to hijack your blog I just wanted to tell you to keep in touch and I will stick your name in my file. If I add any more clients I will definately give you a shout out and we can talk details! We are leaving in the morning for vacation and I will be blogging and working while we are gone. My husband and kids are all sleepers and I get up early so it works great...plus I am way too paranoid to be out of touch with my offices and girls for more than a day :)

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