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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #1

Thirteen Wonderful Things About Annie

This is my first "Thursday Thirteen" and it just seems appropriate to tell you some of the wonderful things I loved about Annie.

1. Annie was my lap dog from the start. If I sat down she was right there hopping and jumping to get on my lap. When she wanted to stay standing up she would nudge her head under my chin or lay it in my chest. Sometimes she wanted to lie down and then she would rest her chin on my arm. If I stood up while holding her she loved to rest her head on G’s chest, sighing while he rubbed her ears and I rubbed her belly.

2. Annie had the best ears of any dog ever (thanks for noticing Deanna!!). If she was excited they went straight up in the air. When she was contented they laid down, relaxed and waiting to be rubbed. She LOVED having her ears rubbed. When we would rub them she would make this happy, grunting noise that made me never want to stop.

3. When we first got Annie she had a dislocated hip, which of course no one realized until after we got her. She just lay in her crate wagging her tail, giving us those big brown eyes. We fell in love with her right away and took her home that day. She never once acted like her hip bothered her or whined about it. She was gentle and sweet from the beginning.

4. Even after Annie had hip surgery to fix her dislocation she ran around the yard like a crazy girl. She would get excited and run figure 8’s, pausing only momentarily to see if we were still watching.

5. Annie had an obsession with barking at squirrels. It was like there was a squirrel army in the trees above the yard and she was protecting us from their attack.

6. Annie was also obsessed with rabbits and would run the fence trying to chase after them. Once we caught her barking at something in the yard next door. Thinking it must be a rabbit G grabbed the flashlight to see. It was a grocery bag caught on a branch. I still laugh about her barking at the grocery sack.

7. Annie actually caught and killed a rabbit. This may sound awful to some but this was a FULL GROWN RABBIT. It was almost as big as she was. It freaked me out but I couldn’t be mad at her at all. She stood by her rabbit, wagging her tail and showing us the special gift she brought us. I still smile thinking of how proud she was of that accomplishment.

8. Annie was a mommy to Sammy. From the time we brought him home she sniffed and licked and cleaned and disciplined him into the sweet doggy he is. She loved him and cared for him, it’s one of the sweetest, most touching things I’ve ever seen.

9. Before we had Sammy Annie had beanie babies that she loved. They were cows and bunnies and she just carried them around the yard. Wherever she was, they were there too. Once she had Sammy she didn’t need the beanie babies any more (and he chewed them, as usual).

10. Annie was a princess. When we took her for walks she didn’t just walk, she pranced. She looked around with her ears up, as if there could be a parade or show any minute that she would be walking for.

11. Annie loved the snow. She bounded through it and would get it all over her face. We have a picture of her with a white beard long before her muzzle ever started to turn. Even in the winter when she could come in the garage where we had a heated bed for her we would go out in the morning to find her in her doghouse, happy as a clam to be outside in the snow.

12. Annie loved to have her face/head rubbed. If you started rubbing her face/head she would push and lean into you, almost turning her head around just so you wouldn’t stop.

13. When Annie panted it was the daintiest pant ever. Her tongue barely stuck out of her mouth and she looked like she was smiling. I still have pictures of that smile, and it makes me smile.

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Anonymous Christina said...

Those are all very nice memories of Annie. I hope you are having a good weekend so far.

6:25 PM  
Blogger deanna said...

Such a great doggie. :)

12:33 PM  

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